Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Peace of Art . . .

My journey in mixed-media art began in the summer of 2004. I started out rubber stamping, and during a search for different stamps to use, I ran accross these link www.artchixstudio.com I order a couple sets of stamps. With these stamps came some free collage sheet images. Well, I quickly came to love cutting images, adhereing to various backgrounds, and thus, it all began! Helga who owns ARTchix studio along with her husband James has been very inspirational and extemely incouraging. Another haven for me in the big world of art is the Yahoo group for ARTchix Studio. The members of this group seem so much like family, and it feels like I have known them for ever. Funny thing to feel so close to several people you have never met in person!

I also have another yahoo group that quickly became a group of warm and cherished friends. Most of the members of this group are also ARTchixies too! We have been busy creating various types of swaps and contests amongst ourselves. It is also a place we meet to laugh and cry together. Again, another virtual family!