Friday, February 23, 2007

Healing Prayers . . . .

Please send up healing prayers today for my dear friend, and I'm sure many of yours dear friend also, Kelly. Today is the day that she has a mastectomy. My heart goes out to her. She is a strong girl, and I know that she will fair well and overcome this nasty turn in the journey of her life.

In honor of Kelly, we should all go smash a few eggs!

see her blog :

Love ya Kelly!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Alphabet Altered Book Round Robin

I started out with a novel that I tore pages out of for this round robin. Then I found another book, started preparing that in place of the first book. Then I decided that I need to use my coil binding machine I had to have but hadn't used yet. This is the end result. A spiral bound journal made with watercolor paper!

The cover is the first photo. I used ink to make the blue background, sponging on the ink and then wiping with a baby wipe to spread the ink out. Then I stamped the alphabet using some stamps from Ma Vinci's Then I used a 4 inch stencil for the AB then finished off with small stencils and white ink.

This second picture is of my sign-in page. I have had this image on my work table for a long time I thought that perhaps
it was a great time to use it! G is for Group! Perfect, a group of artist working in a book together. Can't beat that!

The third image is my X page. I had made this tag some time ago, using bits and pieces off my work table. The metal X stencil had ended up on this tag because I was too lazy to put it away at the time. I was particularly fond of this tag, and so glad to find a use for it. Don't really know, what should the X stand for . . . hhhhmmmm, perhaps "X Was His Mark"? Yes, that will work. That is probably better than eXposure that has been fluttering around in my brain!
There is a blog specifically for this ABC round robin
come check it out!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jewelry . . .

Ages ago on a day that was going very badly for me, I got a call from Michelle FloresManaging Editor,Belle Armoire Jewelry. She informed me that they would love to publish some pieces I had sent to them for the First Edition of this magazine. Well talk about turning a day around! It was very exciting and unexpected. I knew the call for art for the first edition but didn't know about a possible second addition!!! Anyway, this is going to be out on the stands March 1st!! I can't wait to see what they published of mine!!! All of them, one of them, some of them???? Time will tell!