Monday, March 12, 2007

A picture of the Belle Amorie article . . .

Here is a picture of my charms in Belle Amoire. Wow, I didn't realize I would have a SPREAD in the issue. I thought I would have the few inches that I am used to (ha, that sounds kind of naughty LOL) . . . not a great scan, but it wasn't getting anybetter the higher resolution I went, so I settled for this . . . hey, how choosing can one be when they are showing off? I still can't belive this stroke of good luck to have been chosen to be one of the artist published. They got FLOODED with art, and I am sure that it was all bEaUtIfUl . . . I thank my lucky stars to have been one of the artist published!

Your welcome to stop by and see my copy of this issue, or if you would like to order one, here is the link:

and if you want to shop, I believe Micheal's, Joan Fabrics, Borders, etc carry the issue too!

If you want, we can have a magazine signing party :*) :*)

love ya, love your art


Purple and Orange

Purple and Orange color scheme for this round robin altered journal. I used Ranger distress ink "Mandrian Orange" and then Nick oh heck, what's the name, something with a B I believe Purple ink, both were re-inkers that I dropped ink onto a plastic plate and then used a sponge to daub on the background.
The purple flowers were achieved with the same purple ink, sponge, and a stencil I made with my small flower punch. In the center of each circle I used an orange glaze pen to make a dot, which doesn't show well here.

The image is from a Terrie Lightfoot biggie collection. Here is a link to her picturetrail where you can by the collection and oh so much more!

I used a purple and an orange glaze pen to do my circle (puple to make a ring, then orange dots around it).
The corners are stickers from oh heck, I have so much stuff I don't remember where! Isn't that terrible?!
Finally, I got some art done after 9 days of bed rest!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Hello everybody . . .

I've been out of commison for a week with some nasty respiratory viral bug. I spent about all that time in bed asleep or watching tv with my eyes closed or even watching an occasional movie now and then.

Hopefully I will get a chance to work on all the art projects I dreamed about all week! That would be nice. Be a great chance to try to make some of my dreams come true too!

Well hopefully come Monday I will have some art to scan up and share. Just wanted to let those that pop by to see me every now and then that I haven't completely disappered!

until then . . .

love ya, love your art!