Thursday, April 26, 2007

Push Me Pull Me

Remember Dr Doolittle . . . had the Push Me Pull Me animal . . . llama with two heads headed in both directions . . . I think it was a llama any way . . . man, I have been feeling like that lately . . . just seems like there is so much to do every which way I look . . . yikes!

Today weather wise is a humdrum rainy day. It is one of those good ole napping days . . . but spring seems to have definetly sprung, and this is a good thing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

White Art

I keep thinking I shouldn't post until I have something really profound to say. Then I thought, geese louise, I'd never post then! So I just will keep on posting when I have new art to show off, and maybe, well just maybe, one of these days I will have the solution to all the world's problems to share with you all.

This is one of my newest pieces. I was very inspired to work the white theme after I saw a piece by a wonderful artist Belinda Schneider. I know Belinda from the ARTchix Studio Yahoo group. Belinda lives in Germany. I also have a couple very awesome ATCs in my private collection from Belinda. She rocks.

The vintage slide mount I purchased from in it's original state it is a shinny silver colored metal and has a couple pieces of glass that you put your picture between. I daubed it up with gesso and then used some tea stain varnish I had on it. Then I also used some distress inks on it also.

Well, I'm sorry today isn't the day I have great wisdom to share with you, but I am so glad I had the opportunity to share some of my art with you!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Stay tuned, perhaps sometime soon I will have a give-a-way . . . it seems to be quite the fad in the Bloggin' world to give something away! I am just trying to think of a good way to pick a winner, and then of course, what to give out as a prize!

Until then,

Love ya, love your art!


Monday, April 09, 2007

Group Collage

One of my favorite mixed-media artist is Claudia Roulier, who has a blog I think this collage you can see the influence that Claudia Roulier had on me in the creation.

I have a lot of group photos, well okay, I have a lot of images period. I am trying to start getting myself to use more of these group photos that I have.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! Right now at our house all the eggs have been found, the ears are gone from the chocolate bunny, and we are all kind of lazing around. Later today we will go to Grandmother's house . . . the horse knows the way . . . smiles . . .

We have snow for Easter. Not inches and inches, but we do have white patches of snow on the ground. Certainly not the new spring dress, shoes, and bonnet kind of day. BBBrrrrr, it's a wonder it didn't keep the Easter Bunny away . . . . perhaps he is a snowshoe hare after all!

Tomorrow is back to work, I can't believe how quickly the week vacation flew by. Of course I am glad I have a job, but, sigh, vacation, sigh, just goes by so quickly. The good news is I will be near a scanner, and I do have a couple new pieces to show you. Hopefully Hazel will cooperate enough in the morning so I can sneak in early and scan them up for you!

Blessings to all,



Thursday, April 05, 2007

Art In The Loft . .

is a gallery in Alpena, Michigan. I just got an application in themail to apply to be juried for exhibition. It's like $80 bucks perexhibit, man, do all galleries charge like that? Well, I suppose if your super famous they pay the artist hey? Anyway, I see that JonathonTalbot is going to be up there . . . Sure, on April 24th and 25th, which now I have used my vacation time and don't dare ask for more offthis month at least . . . oh well . . . It's about time that the artsy mailings came our way instead of coupons for water heaters and other flyers .

. . .It has been an excessively lazy day for me. I've even had a nap, or actually I tried to nap, got interupted a lot during it. Hazel decided she wanted to try making cornbread again. She is turning into quite the baker! You should see her . . . . scoops the flour into the measuring cup and then levels it off with a knife . . . all that fussy measuring stuff your suppose to do . . . bleck . . . That would be why I amnot overly fond of baking, you have to be more exacting with your measuring. But now I have trained my very own little baker . . . see, I've told many of you I was Tom Sawyer in my past life! . . . so I will let you all know how the lemon poke cake turns out for Easter Dinner!

I watched this really odd scary movie . . . The Devil's Rejects . . .the unrated version . . . don't know . . . kind of chain saw masacreish . . . had the family that has the motto . . . the family that slays together stays together . . . no chainsaws though, and you enter the movie with the police raiding the rambled down farm home and then the man hunt for the escapees. Wasn't overly hard to figure out the ending . . . but then aren't all horror movies like that? Can youtell I like my slasher movies? I won't watch movies about demons possesing people, but I will watch a wacko slice off someone'shead . . . man, I wonder what a shrink would think about that one! HA!Then I like to watch these on DVD the best because then you can watch the special features to see how they did all the special effects for all that blood and gore

. . .I started to art today and then kept getting distracted. I think you all may have figured out it really doesn't take much to distract me these days! Now I just keep thinking . . . It's Thursday, almost Thursday night, my vacation is almost over . . . .wwwwaaahhhhhh . . . .so there we have it, I see the glass as half empty, not half full.

Now I need to go watch "Happy Feet" with Hazel, 'cause then that evens out all the blood and gore and evil I saw in my other movie . . . see, all it takes is a little balance in your life . . .

yak-a-dee-yak . . .