Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Psalm 19:14

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which goes like this:

May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing to you, oh Lord, my Rock, my Redeemer.

This has always been my favorite passage of the Bible. And when Gina wanted to us to use our favorite Bible story or passage, I knew exactly what I wanted to art around.

Now the thing is, this was actually put to the test. on me last night.

I was in town running errands and on my way to my very last spot. I was going to pick up a pizza for dinner as we were all running late. Dale and Hazel were at the dentist, and it was working out that time wise, well heck, with the pizza I should have a couple hours to work in my studio.

Well, not to be. I'm headed east on main street near the corner by my mothers house when all the sudden out of no where is this white car. There was nothing I could do but hit the back end of the car. The driver hadn't even looked to see if traffic was coming from the west before she crossed the street. Oh my. Okay, I'm thinking, my air bags may go off here . . . they didn't . . . I watch as it seems in slow motion that my front driver side bumper is cramming into the back window of this car. I swear I can see every piece of glass crack and break into thousands of pieces. Finally, we come to a stop. I'm all right, no air bags smashing me, I can open my door. I get out and check to make sure the driver of the other vehicle is okay. There was a young gentleman that stopped to make sure we were okay and who called the police for us. We move the cars away out of traffic to my mom's driveway.

All I could think of as this was happening, and I wanted to scream out, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING . . . and . . . . THIS IS MY NEW CAR THAT GOT SMASHED. But my heart and mind told me, now be calm Judy. Dad would say that cars can be fixed, people sometimes can't. Which I did tell the young gal as she looked so upset. I stayed calm. I didn't lose my cool. As many times as I wanted to cry when I looked at my car, I didn't. Although Dale and Hazel made it there before the police, and I could tell my the grin on his face he knew I wanted too. It's true that it is more important no one was hurt.

But man, did I tell you . . .


sigh. Time to re-read the passage and calm my heart.

love ya, love your art . . .


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Optical Lense Book Laces

Optical Lense Book Laces
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These are my newest Book Laces.

For these I used vintage optical lenses and diamond glaze to hold the small collages in place. the Laces are waxed linen thread and beads ranging from wood to glass.

they are awesome . . .

if'n I say so myself . . . smiles

love ya, ja-who-dee

these are the 'backs' of the laces

Monday, January 07, 2008

Back from Vacation . . .

RED/BROWN color theme
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welp, it's back to the ole grindstone. It was hard to get myself around and come into work. Of course, the fog didn't help increase my thrill of driving in this morning . . . Michigan weather . . . or should I blame it on global warming . . . is this how the wooly mamoths felt when all the ice started melting to end the ice age? What was the trigger for that global warming? See, going back to work, it just stirs up all those voices in my head and they ponder such questions . . . . so I have to sing REALLY loud to drown them out . . .

you do realize I'm kidding don't you?

Phew . . .

Anyway, over my little break, I did make some art. This is one of the porjects I did. It's an arch for a RR/mingle I am doing this year. This lovely little arch will go to my friend Cindy Mc in Canada. She is a wonderful gal that I met through the ARTchix ya-ho-sister-hood group

I know I did more projects. Tomorrow I will show some things i made too, but where the heck are all the fruits of my labor . .. I only have a couple scans . . .

perhaps I "vacationed" more than I thought hey?

ah well, them's the breaks . . .

see ya when i see ya!