Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And I was so darn proud of myself . . .

that I got one arch done for the many arch projects I've been behind. The work project with the software install is wearing me out, so thus I'm a tired puppy when I get home and get Hazel around in such that art has taken a back burnere . . . but anyway, I got this Shirley Temple arch done and was tickled and made a big dramatic check mark on my list, danced around . . . I got one done . . . I got one done . . . I sang and sang . . . then Hazel and I left the house to go for a walk . . . a Sunday walk mind you, but we hadn't checked Saturday's mail . . . so we checked the box and there was a note from the mail man, package to big left on side porch . . . so we go to the side porch and what was waiting for me . . . a box with two more books to work in . . . so one step forward and two back hey?

But don't worry my arty friends that I owe book pages and arches too . . .

I will get them done . . . Pat, Peggy, Frieda, Michelle, and Heather (I think it's her, someone I know I have I and J for the alphabet) . . . I'm missing someone, I know I am . . . but please, I'll get them to you I promise! OH and don't forget the two RR books I got in the mail also . . . .

I will work them slow and steady and win the race in the long run!

Speaking of running . . .

love ya, love your art


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Crazy World

I've found a moment to blog. It's been far too long. Not that I haven't wanted to, it was just trying to find a spare minute in my crazy buzy days! Wow!

My time first got ate up by the software install the hospital I work at was and still is in the midst of doing. We've started with replacing with the new software company the current packages that we had. That's in and we're still doing some tweeking and adjustments with that. Today is day 13 of the conversion. I work in the IT department, so needless to say, I've been thick in the middle of the conversion. It's very stressful at times, but at the same time very exciting and rewarding to be at work. I've been wanting a change in software for some time now! But needless to say, I'm exhausted when the day is done . . . oh girls just want to have fun . . . sorry, that just popped right into my head.

Then on top of that pressure, I came down with some respiratory crap that just knocked my socks off for a while. Wow. That was something. My chest would burn when I coughed up a woogie . . . oh gross I know, but it was the strangest feeling. This whatever it was sickness ran through our family. I still haven't bounced back 100%, but I am feeling much better. Spent Mother's day weekend sleeping for the most part.

I made these journal pages weeks and weeks ago. They are for Lenna Andrews who's theme is "NEST". It's a mingle of a tingle type of RR, meaning we are just sending pages to each other, but don't know who too from month to month. thus why I was able to make them early but not post nor send them on until now. These pages are by far my favorite art I've created. I sure wish you could see them up close and personal. Tucked behind the stencil letters spelling "nest" are little faces. I love stencils with little pictures peeking out from behind them!

Well enough tooting my own horn, duty calls and I must get back to work.

Love ya, love your art,