Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Honey I'm Home!

wE'Re bACk from our anual faMILy VAcaTIon up at HiGGins LAke. GOD deFINetLY HAD a gOOd day wHEn he CReaTEd HiGGins LAke! IT hAs GOT to BE my mOSt fAVorITe plACe in THe WOrld.

Look at Haze waving howdy to you from underwater . . . oooohhhhh how clear that water is. But COLD. Very, very cold!

Every year we try to spend a week with my immediate family. This year it was my mother, my husband and daughter, my brother and children, my sisters and their children, and even my sisters grandchildren . . . a large group, that's for sure! Sometimes that can be a little hairy! But now that I look at the pictures my brother sent, every stressful moment seems worth it!