Monday, November 17, 2008

Jewelry Sale

Bet you all wish I would get my camera working hey? Someday soon, I hope. Time just slips away, as I'm sure you all experience too, especially this time of year.

I was able to make some necklaces and earrings for the employee craft sale that was last Friday (Again, a picture would be nice) and I would like to thank everyone that purchased a piece from me. My La Paix d'Art . . . Peace of Art . . . I love each and every piece that you purchased, and my customers helped to show me that I am down the right creative path with the wire. There are lots of avenues for me to explore with the jewelry making, so next year I will have something perhaps a little the same, and hopefully new and unique for your holiday shopping!

Now I must concentrate on finishing up some collage projects that are long over due. I think I have the perfect visions for them floating in my head now that I have been able to get the last minute thought of selling this jewelry done! It was such a pleasure to create and sell, but it did rather push aside some things!

Just take a look at my house . . . smiles . . . ah well I would rather be remembered for making art than having a clean house anyway!

Love ya, Love your art!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mother of the year award?

I think not. At least it won't be this year!

My daughter has turned 11. It rather snuck up on me. The girl got lots of presents, but none were wrapped in pretty paper with a fluffy bow. I made her a necklace and braclet which I handed off as soon as they were finished. I had gotten her a little CD player, which she found before I had a chance to wrap it. Then I took her shopping and thus she picked out her presents at the store. Heck, even the book that was for her from a RR of talented artist, Mermania, got presented to her unwrapped . . . ah, such the mom I am.

Do I dare tell you that the cake was a chocolate "Little Debbies"?

Ah, come on, Little Debbies are yummy!

Love ya, love your art . . .