Monday, February 16, 2009

Let's Go Blue!

Haze's fifth grade basketball season began at the same time I had the H. So I missed all of her games, except the ones yesterday, which also happened to be their last. Awesome it was to watch. I played basketball in high school. We had a great team. My sister Mary was an all conference player. I was more the bench warmer :*) My Freshman and Junior years we were undefeated in our division. We played during a time when doing full court presses and such were a new begining in the girls basketball world. Now days they start out learning about these things from day one! Sweet! When my eldest sis played they actually only played half court . . .

I was very impressed with the officials for the game. These guys actually took the time to explain to the players why the made the calls that they made. Wow. These gals are well on their way to being a great hoops team.

Go Blue!!!