Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom . . .

Today is my mother's birthday. She is 84 years old. Her health is great. Her Alzheimer's unfortunately is getting the better of her.

I honestly don't think she remembers my name anymore. She's very sly about it though. I noticed when I first entered her room after my absence when I had surgery and couldn't get up to see her for a couple weeks that there was a look in her eye. The look that says I should know you. She knows I'm her daughter. Just which name goes with me is the mystery. I also note that now when she introduces me she to others at the home she will just say "This is my daughter". Years ago my mom confessed to me that when she didn't remember some one's name she would often just avoid having to say a name. Instead of saying "Hi Sally, how are you doing?" . . . she would just say "Hi, how have you been?". Simple trick. Used it often myself.

It's sad.

She is happy where she is living. She is well liked there. She is active. She plays lots and lots of cards. I'm happy she's there. The stress level of her living at home alone was too much to bare. Now I'm even off the anti-depressant I started before she moved into the nursing home.

She's taken to wearing her coat all the time. But so what. If she's happy in her coat, then I'm happy with her in her coat. I just would like to get a couple spare coats so we can swap them around so she is in clean coats. She also hides her dirty laundry in the suitcase that is in her closet. I have to say that my mother would be embarrassed to know that she did this. This lady in the coat resembles my mom, but isn't really the same person.

But today is her birthday. I will be going up later to see her. Her friend is taking up a cake this afternoon. Very nice lady who has been the biggest help to our family. Her friend knows all to well the effects of Alzheimer's, as her husband suffered with it for many years. Bless her heart for everything she does for my mother.

Hope the ladies all wore hats, blew noise makers, and ate cake until their bellies burst!

Happy Birthday Hugz