Friday, November 26, 2010

My Love Of Etsy

My love of Etsy. An obsession actually. I find myself drawn here daily. Not only daily, but often throughout the day. It has been the best place for me, the girl who lives in the middle of a corn field in rural, and I mean rural, Michigan, to purchase supplies to feed my mixed-media art frenzy. I am obsessed with many things, some I speak of freely and openly, others are just a twinkle in my eye and a slight smile on my face, but each obsession is intertwined with in my mind, soul, and heart, and eventually flows out of my fingers into a little "La Paix d'Art" which I hope to share with you!

But on with my Etsy obsession.

I am going to start with a store front from Texas that has so many gems, and not only that, so many BeAuTiFuL gems, my hands itch to hold and feel them. I stand at this virtual window with my nose pressed against the glass, and a look of hunger and longing in my eye! Oh how I wish. But I am a reasonable shopper. I want to keep my art affordable! But sssooooo pretty!

But of course, I am just as much in love with this place. And WOW. If I could buy one of each here, I would. I may well be on the way to actually doing that too. Great quality, awesome selections, reasonable prices, and again, fast and reliable shipping! Start here if your interested in beads and want to start daubing in creating with them!


Tools. OH MY GOSH. I never ever ever ever in my life dreamed I would have a love of tools. I have this wish in my head that my work bench is not complete without them all. But again, I try to be SOMEwhat practical about this. Quality. Quality over quantity really should be my goal. Sometimes I fall a wee bit short of that, but I do strive for it. This shop, well, this is the BEST supply shop out there for tools. Items are of high quality and they are carefully packaged and shipped! Speaking of which, the shipping rates are always within reason here! I have never been disappointed with the quality and service from this shop!

The twisty stuff. Wire. I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have some great 20 gauge wire. I most often work with annealed steel wire, but I do love using brass and copper also. This has been a great resource for me. Beautifully oxidized copper or brass. A great selection of gauges. Also found here are some beautiful beads to work with. But here, I mainly come to wire shop! Love this stuff. Again, shipping is reasonable, carefully packaged, and FAST. I have never been disappointed with a purchase from here!

and another favorite wire place!

Then of course, there is more to creating than just supplies. Hey, a girl has to eat. A little sugar buzz helps to calm the savage soul. Or is that music? I never could keep that straight! But look at all the yummies! Kind of makes that little stash of chocolate granola bars pale in comparison. I think I may actually drool when I look at the caramel here.

I have many more favorites, and I will try to remember to slip them into future posts. But for now, thank you for taking the time to view a little into my world!

La Paix