Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Twisted Sisters Kind Of Day

This is Sarah in the pink, Kathy in the blue waving hello to you.

Saturday Kathy invited us over to her very cute little house by a river for a Twisted Sister day.

Love those days! So much fun. I really don't tend to make much, but I love the fellowship :)

And the food. LOL.

Sarah demonstrated to the sisters how to make these spiffy pillow cases. They turned out beautifully, and I don't have a picture. Kathy demonstrated a great wine bottle filled with Christmas lights. I didn't get pictures of those either. I failed as the historian of the day. I was rather busy using my mouth to either yak or eat.

I didn't make one of either, but I did enjoy watching them make theirs. I am rather allergic to sewing machines, so I was busy making a clasp so Sarah could sew it in my Sari Ribbon Necklace . . . . My hands cramp up and I break out in a sweat when I think of threading a machine, arg!

Notice in this picture of Kathy and Sarah the bright and sunny day. The lack of snow outside the window.

Now look at this:

This is Wednesday at my house. 4 days later. Look at all the ice in the tree! I thought it looked awesome and was thinking it would make a great back drop for some jewelry pictures.

Ha! It would have too, if it weren't so freaking cold. LOL.

This is a necklace I made using some techniques I learned from Deryn Mentock in her Build Zone class. Deryn demonstrated to us how to twist wire together and then make jump rings. One of her finishing ideas was to wrap wire over the break in the ring. LOVE the look of this! Deryn is a great teacher. I have only had the opportunity to take instruction from her via the internet, and would love some day to attend a class in person!

Here is a view of a couple of my necklaces as I try to learn how to get some interesting shots outside. I've lots to learn about camera settings. These particular shots have been taken with my Sony ColorPix. I have a new camera coming as a reward from work. (Many years service = new camera. Nice! Seeing as I have been debating over what camera to invest in these last few months!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mixed Metal Mania

LOVE this book! It has so much great information in it. It is very well written with clear and precise directions.

FUN stuff for sure!

Working with metal is such a great way to relieve some stress. I have always enjoyed twisting it. I remember way back into the seventies I had tinkered a bit with making jewelry out of wire.

This being able to pound the crap out of pieces of metal and then take a torch to it and watch it turn a bright red . . . oh how much I enjoy it . . . therapeutically . . . really as I beat on that metal I just imagine it being the frustration I feel in my heart!

Bang bang bang!

Who knows. Maybe if I keep heading with this passion I'll be shoeing the neighbors horses. LOL.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Great DVD for the Metalsmith Beginer

Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Fabrication with Helen Driggs

I watched this last night with Hazel. What a great beginner

Covers everything I needed to learn:
  • Gauges and thickness of wire and sheet metal
  • Different ways to find the center
  • Using different tools to get measurements with
  • How to load up a saw blade
  • How to use that saw blade
  • Texturing metal
  • and more!
If your like me and haven't the time nor resources to travel to classrooms, this is a great DVD to put in your library. Heck, even if you've had a class, this is great resource to have in your library for reference.

I also gleaned a new quote from Helen Driggs:

"What's life without a few bruises?"

Oh my, there will be a blog post coming with that!

Love ya, Love your art,

La Paix,


Friday, March 04, 2011

Learning, always learning

Or perhaps I should just bite the bullet and get something like this :) I have been looking and researching. Seems I've been bitten by the photography bug now. LOL. But it would be a needed distraction and a good investment if I can get some quality photos of artwork and jewelry.

Not to mention, just plan fun!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Starting and Stopping

Twisted Sisters Gallery

I don't know. I put effort and money into this website, but now I am kind of at a standstill with it. The person who was helping me with this site is no longer able to, and I've lost contact with them it appears, and I'm not sure of the shelf life of the site now. YIKES! I was trying to help a friend help a friend kind of thing. Lesson learned. Nice to help a friend, but harder to help a friend of a friend, because your never sure when the friend of a friend and the friend will part ways! If any of that makes sense! LOL.

I am finding it a little cumbersome to manipulate the web page. Or rather I have the lack of desire to learn right now how to continue with the web page. Should I really be re-creating this wheel?

I'd rather focus on learning new art technique and perfecting the old!

So I'm at a road crossing of sorts. Continue with the website always unsure of how long it will be up? Start a new blog format that may have a few different bells and whistles for me? Stay with this blog and etsy?

My gut is kind of saying the latter.

I do know for certain, either way I go, I will need to learn a few photo techniques, so I am gearing up for that. I've been googling my way around light boxes and black velvet. I think my camera will be okay as I learn a bit more, but I am seriously thinking of upgrading my current and giving this one to Hazel, who has been pestering me for a digital camera for some time. OH SEE, it would be a win-win to get a new one!

I'm eyeing this Cannon nothing real fancy, but I have read all I really need at this point would be Macro function and white balance :)

I'd love to hear what camera and set up your using!

And bend my ear on whether you'd continue with a site or not.

Love ya, Love your art