Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Crawling Hours and Flying Days

How could it possibly happen that days fly by when the hours in the day crawl?

 It seems like I am at work forever, completing my duties there, while always in my mind is an idea or two from my muse . . . . wishing I were at home in my little corner which I have named "my Studio" .  . . because Studio makes me feel so much more like a real artist :D

Then, finally, the time in the day has finally crawled around to end the work day.  So I quickly gather my things and run out the door.   Only to find myself so busy playing taxi cab driver, short order cook, and task master over homework that by the time the dust settles I have no time left in which to nurture my soul and create my art!

Seems crazy!  The hours crawl by from morning until afternoon and then POOF, the day is done.

But it happens :D

Soon my friends, soon things will all fall in to perspective and then my soul will sing again!

La Paix