Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Guess what my earwig of the day is?  . . . . let's have a party, let's have a party . . . . .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BoHo Bliss Workshop

Deryn Mentock is a fabulous jewelry and mixed-media artist.  I would have to say she is my idol :D  I adore every piece of Deryn's that I have ever seen.  

If you've ever taken a  class from Deryn Mentock, then you know what a wealth of information she shares with you.  She will teach you everything she knows in a way that will have you twisting and torching comfortably in no time!  

And here is a chance to go visit her blog and enter for a chance to win a seat in her newest class!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Well A Good Book Works Too!

So we have this beautiful day here of weather.  I love it when it's in the upper 70s lower 80s.  A nice gentle breeze.  It sparked my creativity!  I had even wedged in some creative time.  Finally.  And a good thing too, as I am taking an online course called "Texture Town" taught by two very talented artists, Chris Cozens and Julie Pritchard. .

As it always is when I venture into new medias in the art world, I often have to wait for supplies to come.   In my little neck of the world, there are no art supply stores, no Michaels down the street to run to.  I've never seen a Hobby Lobby, and Joan's Fabric is as far as the nearest Walmart.

I shop the internet.  I love the internet. Google is my BFF.

A little time to wait for delivery, but usually not to long . . . .  so after a week of waiting and watching videos . . . enough supplies have arrived . . . I've got my errands after work all caught up . . . I've got T I M E!

So here I am, my supplies gathered around me, I've got my Mojo ready and . . . .

 The nice weather decided to it was bored with the nice gentle breeze and POOF . . . . it sends lots of blowing wind and BOOM.  Out goes the lights.

But hey, the red chair by the window, a good book, a little tea . . . . in the great sunshine we had going on . . . well hey, that works too!

I love spring weather.

Mojo is whispering to me as I sit here on break at work keying this . . . yes MO, I know JO . . . . when I get home tonight . . . yes I can't wait to get into those new paints either!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Crawling Hours and Flying Days

How could it possibly happen that days fly by when the hours in the day crawl?

 It seems like I am at work forever, completing my duties there, while always in my mind is an idea or two from my muse . . . . wishing I were at home in my little corner which I have named "my Studio" .  . . because Studio makes me feel so much more like a real artist :D

Then, finally, the time in the day has finally crawled around to end the work day.  So I quickly gather my things and run out the door.   Only to find myself so busy playing taxi cab driver, short order cook, and task master over homework that by the time the dust settles I have no time left in which to nurture my soul and create my art!

Seems crazy!  The hours crawl by from morning until afternoon and then POOF, the day is done.

But it happens :D

Soon my friends, soon things will all fall in to perspective and then my soul will sing again!

La Paix


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flying Lessons

150√ó240 flying lessons badgeI couldn't tell you for sure when I came across Kelly Rae Roberts art or her blog.  I've been reading and admiring both for some time now.  So when I walked by our gift shop and saw a display of items by her, at Carson City Hospital, in Carson City Michigan, I stopped and said "HEY, I KNOW HER".  Well, okay, so we aren't on a first name basis or anything, and she doesn't have a clue who I am . . . . but still . . .

So I began to think longer and harder about my creativity and desires to branch out in the art world.  The time I had away from it was enough to let me know that I am more at peace with myself and my world when I am using a creative process to express myself.  I always thought I really didn't have any right to enter into the art world so boldly as I have never had any formal art training.

But you know what . . . doesn't mean a thing . . . if I face my fears head on and love and embrace them . . . well who knows . . . could happen . . . won't know unless I give it more of a try now will I?

Inspiration is abounding in me from the first few pages that I have read of Kelly Rae's e-book . . . Flying lesson . . . just follow the box in the side bar of my blog and take a look . . . .

after all . . . nothing ventured, nothing gained . . .

I thank you Kelly Rae for lighting the way!

La Paix,


Friday, April 22, 2011

As Great As Glitter and Unicorns!

Before the pen doodles
  It has been way to cool here for me to work out in the garage with metals. (Cool is my nice way of saying . . ."colder than a ____") !   I suppose I could have fired up the propane heaters, but really, it doesn't put me in the mood to be out there when it is cold and damp.  So what is a girl to do?

Why break out the paper and ink and sign up for an e-class!  It's as great as . . . .

Glitter and Unicorns!

I learned a few new tricks and tips from Robin Marie Smith in a very fun and relaxed e-class, Mixed Media Mayhem.  Below is a wee sampling of one of my pages for the journal I am putting together.

After the pen doodles
I used recycled file folders from work, and because of HIPPA, they were given to me with names and numbers torn off.  But for me, that just makes them all the better!  And I like that someone else tore them off for me, as I probably would have sat and contemplated as to where the tears should be!  The randomness of these torn off tabs and corners just rocks!

And the odd staple or two in them . . . why to me, it's just added bling!

So you'll have to just have a peek, as I still have several more folders to go before I can reveal the next phase!

And as for the metals, soon enough it will be warm enough.  As much as I want to do some work with the hammer and saw, as much as I want to fire up the torch and melt some solder . . . .

I have missed my paper work that much more!

Hoppy Easter to you all!

La Paix!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time To Get My Hands Stained!

I've missed working with paper, glue, inks, and paints!  I've decided that I need to rotate out all my art media loves.  So this week I am dedicating myself to paper arts.  Collage and mixed media are my first passion.  There is nothing like having glue or gel-medium to peel off your fingers :D

I have decided it is time to get more instruction in these arts.  I am so happy that so many great artist are now offering instruction via the internet.  This time I will be learning some great mixed-media inky processes from the very talented Robin Marie Smith  , via the internet e-class Mixed Media Mayhem .  I note there is a little sewing, which as we all know, I don't do, but I do have a very little sewing machine I got just for sewing paper, so perhaps now it will get put to use!

I am very very excited!  I have plenty of the supplies, but can always use an excuse to purchase more.  Now though, I know for sure I don't have Muslin and Duck Canvas . . . . ssssoooooooo

Off I go to fill yet another shopping cart . . . . after all, I need to do my part to stimulate the economy!

La Paix,